TekCosmic not only disposes of your devices and disks, we work with certified recyclers across UK to ensure we comply with all E-Waste requirements and your material is recycled as per our certified standards. Whatever the products you need recycled we can also offer this service to take back your old equipment and dismantle them and then recycle them with our leading suppliers we partner with on this process.

we protect the health of people and the planet. TekCosmic provides multiple convenient recycling options for customers to safely dispose their end-of-life computer equipment and lower their environmental footprint.




Every year UK purchase millions of computers and related components to replace equipment superseded by faster and more powerful technologies. Million computers and televisions reached the end of their useful life in UK. In 2027/28, this figure is predicted to reach 44 million units.

An estimated 65.1 million tons of damaged, obsolete or simply unwanted electronic devices were discarded as e-waste in 2012. Much of what we call “e-waste” is not waste at all but rather whole electronic equipment or parts that can gain new life through reuse or recycling.





We take back equipment such as:


  • Personal Computers
  • Servers
  • Mobile Phones
  • CD’s, DVD’s,USB Devices, Back Up Disks
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Cameras





Of course Security is at the heart of everything we do, so all devices and all data is completely erased and disposed of before being recycled, to give you the peace of mind that there is no data on any of the products we recycle, and we ensure this by recording and giving you a certificate of proof of data disposal.

We are able to offer secure and professional recycling and remarketing for the equipment. From office desktops to large data centres. Our expert team can arrange all collection logistics, handle all secure data deletion or destruction requirements and ensure all items are disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.



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