Virtual Private Networks are the perfect medium for connecting single workstations, freelancers or even branch offices to a company’s network. Usually VPNs are inexpensive and secure. It doesn't matter what the size of your company is or how many teleworkers or mobile employees you have on your payroll. Remote Access solutions meet a multitude of different requirements.

Remote access VPN solutions have to be flexible in terms of infrastructure compatibility. They have to be compatible with a variety of operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux or Android) and with established hardware too. Software and hardware compatibility is important because single companies are likely to have a host of different notebook and desktop PCs as well as tablets and smartphones. Of course, remote access solutions also have to support all established communication media.


TekCosmic Next Generation Network Access Technology – your benefits:

  • Secure and fast connections – even at a hotspot
  • One click per session ensures easy of use 
  • Automatic rollouts and updates through central management
  • Increased IT resource productivity
  • Fast rollout
  • Fast implementation of policy changes
  • Real time control of 3G charges
  • Little time and money spent on documentation and support
  • High efficiency through low operation costs



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